HI Buddies….my name is warrior(I don’t want to reveal my real name)..why warrior?? because I am a 180 Kg man people make fun of me call me fat,fatty…I don’t have many friends but the whatsoever little friends I have all are gem. I am 24 yrs old finished my graduation looking for jobs but my health condition is such that I don’t consider myself fit to do any Job.My parents are worried about my health,my well being..Not only I am teased but also my parents..some asshole people make fun of them to have me as their son.My parents are the best parents God could have given me.I know my Mom feels sad when she looks at other children of my age wearing fashionable clothes but not me ,because I don’t fit into any store brought dresses rather I shop for them online. So enough being emotional about my health…now time has come to show the world the other side of me ,to be a slim,healthy,strong person for the sake of my Mom and Dad and of course myself……So Guys wish me luck to start my Journey to be a Warrior.

I am dedicating this blog to my hero:-David (http://keepitupdavid.wordpress.com/)